The most important premise in your wedding is that you have a wonderful day. Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life, and if you are stressed or overly nervous (you are permitted to be a little bit nervous), then the day will be marred. My entire philosophy is that you enjoy your day and that you will look back on it with a smile. Towards that end I will discuss with you what you CAN do and also of course what you HAVE to do under the law. Having been a celebrant for many years now, I take pride in making every couple’s ceremony unique to them.

Civil Unions 

Exactly the same beliefs and practices apply as for weddings. The day is YOURS and I will do everything in my power to make it right.

Baby Namings

Over the years with our NZ society becoming increasingly secular, the christening has ‘fallen through the cracks’. Consequently, baby naming and baby welcoming ceremonies have started to fill the gap. These are usually held at the family home, making it easier to fit with sleep-time and own bedrooms…. It is important that as a community we re-introduce these ceremonies to welcome a new person into our lives.


These ceremonies are of course, by virtue of urgency, in a totally different category to marriage and baby naming ceremonies, when we often have months -and months – to plan. I conduct more than 100 funeral ceremonies each year and take pride in ensuring that I hear the wishes of the bereaved families and thus, to the best of my ability, deliver for them what they need and want.

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